About us

Covexis – The Mobile Enabler

Covexis specializes in solutions which will empower individuals and businesses with relevant, useful information while being on-the-go. Founded in 2009, Covexis applies leading edge spatial technologies to solving practical problems, providing a wide range of solutions and products for the individuals and businesses.

Covexis’ advantage is the ability to provide a robust and flexible core solution which can be customized, applied and deployed either as a hosted or on-site service.

At the heart of Covexis

At Covexis, we have a set of philosophies that guides us in our product design and solutioning process, as well as how we conduct our business:

Information + Location
Covexis recognizes that web technologies have evolved. We envisage a future where traditional web and internet platforms shall remain as the mainstream while the mobile platform shall be the prevalent space where most individuals and businesses shall operate on. Therefore, information being presented needs to factor not just only relevance, but also depends on the locality of the acquirer. Covexis core solutions are built on an increasing, on-going trend of serving related, useful information when you need it, where you need it.

Hardware and Platform Agnostic
Covexis solutions are hardware and platform agnostic. Our products and solutions shall support and be operable regardless of the rapid changes in hardware and the multitude of platforms available. However, the more advanced the hardware capabilities become, the richer in functionality our solutions can deliver.

To Engage
Covexis recognizes that for our company’s long term sustainability, we need to forge a symbiotic relationship in 3 areas:

Customers (Consumers and Businesses)
Our survival depends on the satisfaction of our customers in using our solutions in their daily lives or operations. For consumers, our solutions are aimed at delivering information to the individuals when they need it, where they need it, enriching their experience in using their mobile devices in their daily lives. For businesses, our solutions are aimed at enhancing the mobility of organizations, allowing them to monitor, control and extend their operations beyond the restrictions of their premises or any physical constraints.

Covexis is a knowledge-based organization. Our sustainability depends on not only the talent we can attract but also the quality people we retain in our organization. Covexis aims to create an environment that engage our people at all levels to contribute to the continued excellence of our organization.

At Covexis, we believe that the value of our technology will only increase if it is shared. Covexis aims to develop and share certain parts of our work with the community, to encourage the creative and ethical use of technology to the betterment of humankind.

Our Core Capabilities

  • LBS (Location-Based Services) Solutions Design
  • Data Transfer / Data Integration
  • Multiple Platform User Interface Design
  • Inter-platform Operable Solutions

Our Vision

To enrich and enhance the quality of the daily lives of individuals and businesses through the use of our technology, products and solutions.

Our Mission

1. To provide a platform that delivers relevant, useful information to individuals when they need it, where they need it.

2. To provide businesses with solutions that will enhance their bottomline through increased mobility, allowing them to monitor, control and extend their operations beyond the restrictions of physical space and constraints.